in conversation with: lucinda jones

in conversation with: lucinda jones

in conversation with: lucinda jones

Emerging Sydney-based artist Lucinda Jones has amassed a dedicated following and received significant local recognition, thanks to her considered use of bold colour and her celebration of the female form. Here, Lucinda shares with us the inspiration behind her art, her advice on how to curate art for the home, as well as the details of her latest collaboration with nuage.


Describe your art in five words.

Emotive. Bold. Soft. Considered. Playful 

Tell us about your foray into the art world, and how you decided that it was the path for you.

I always knew I would do 2 things. Work with my hands, and work for myself. 
I found art through my love of fashion photography. From a young age I would collect every issue of Paris Vogue, and obsess over the images & emotions that came from the pages of the editorials. I always painting & loved learning about art history, but there was part of me that couldn't see that translating to a career. The old term ‘starving artist’ often came to mind. After a private school education, it made more sense at the time to follow a traditional path to creative success. I went on to study Fashion design & business, leading to a dream role at bassike. But after 4 or 5 years working for a company that deeply resonated with me, and learning more than I could have ever imagined, I still felt pulled in a more artistic direction. I needed to create. I dabbled in my love for food, but eventually resisted the urge I had, and picked up my paints again & begin to apply my point of view through art & the female form. 4 years on, after honing my style, I have reached my dream; to work with my hands everyday & create a business of my own. I know this is the path for me, as it has become a compulsion & something i spend all my hours obsessing over. I feel a fulfilment like no other.


Your art is a celebration of the female form. What is it about women that inspires you?

The quiet vulnerability that makes us fall in love with women, is a big inspiration for me. I am trying to capture the way I see & appreciate women, but not just through the physical form, but through an emotion that may be felt through looking at a piece as a whole. It is this emotion or essence of women that i am attempting to capture, which also drives my creativity.



Aside from form, colour is synonymous with your artistic style. How do you approach colour, and how does this inform your creative process?

I often start with colour depending on my mood. Either that or the mood I am trying to capture informs the colour. It is intuitive, and if i over think it, it never works out the way intended. Colour is my biggest challenge in my art making process at times, but i know i will always use it. It is funny though, as in my day-to-day life I live in quite a neutral palette.



What advice would you give to aspiring artists?

To really develop your own aesthetic, you need to find time to practice as often as you can. Expect to create pieces that wont work out, and let them go, and move on. I used to think I was taking steps backwards after I created something I hated. But thats okay, because each piece that doesn't work is a lesson, to simply inform the next work. Simply, just do it, as often as you can & don't be scared to share your art with the world. 


What are your top tips for choosing art for the home, both for oneself and for others?

Choose pieces that make you feel something when you look at them. Trends come and go, so always make sure you are selecting pieces for your authentic self….and don't be afraid of colour :)



nuage.'s key purpose is to curate quality, purposeful pieces for mother, child and home. How does this ethos speak to you?

I have always resonated with ‘less is more’, so i always make considered choices in high quality, like-minded items that are going to bring me happiness.

Tell us about your upcoming art collaboration with nuage. – what was the inspiration and what are you hoping to communicate and celebrate?

This collaboration with Nuage is to celebrate Motherhood in all its forms. Through form & colour, it is my hope that the viewer feels comforted, safe, calm and connected. 



You're a stepmother to two children. How has being a stepmother changed your perspective of what parenthood is, as well as your general worldview?

I cannot imagine life without my step children, they are amazing little humans, who have taught me so much about myself, and my creativity. Parenthood early on taught me that we all make mistakes, at every stage of our lives but it is how we respond to those mistakes that counts. 

What does family mean to you?

It means being who ever you want to be, and feeling supported in doing so.



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by Hannah paul